Patients seen at Primary Focus P.C for any accidental injuries begin with both a new patient consultation and a thorough examination with a medical specialist to determine the extent of the injury. Once we complete our examination, we develop recommendations and treatment options. We schedule all new patients consults to fit your schedule to the best our ability. We also ensure all patients leave with a follow-up test, medical appointment, or any additional specialists, as soon as possible. We ensure that all provider notes are available within 48 to 72 hours after the patient is seen.

We have experienced case managers that ensure patient privacy at Primary Focus P.C. Our team of medical professionals are trained to safeguard all personal information again theft or fraud. No information is released without consent from the attorney, and or patient; and or any concerned parties that you give express consent to.

To ensure that all our new patients save valuable time we have implemented new downloadable forms to help we ensure patients have easy and accessible forms prior to their arrival. Medical History and Accident Questionnaire forms that are new patients can be completed from home prior to the appointment. We are always here to answer a questions or concerns for our patients.