What makes Dr. Bennett the best choice to be your concierge provider?


We do not use electronic medical records, EMR, software for our concierge clients. Everything is done via encrypted individualized files. This procedure decreases the changes of getting hacked and our client’s personal information exploited. Unlike most medical practices that use large labs like LabCorps to process specimens, we have our own lab relationships. This allows us to manage specimens privately and hand walk them through the testing to resulting processes. 

There are times our client may need consults to other specialist such as cardiology, pulmonary, gastroenterology, etc. We can arrange a consult via telemedicine or in office very quickly.  Clients may need diagnostic studies done. We have exclusive partnership agreements with radiology and diagnostic centers. If our client needs to get a diagnostic procedure done or see a specialist in person, we will arrange a black SUV to pick you up to and from appointments. Specialist and diagnostic visits will be via back door entrance and immediate care without wait.   

Mental Health

Most of the above address the management of physical health. Where Dr. Bennett strives the most is assisting in mental health needs. Over the years he has counseled clients on mental health struggles and burdens clients have never shared with their spouse, agent, manager or friends. There are something one needs to share to gain release but no one to share those things with. You don’t need a therapist or psychiatrist of the stars. You need a private, trusting and competent advisor that can help you make though very difficult times. You need someone to tell you the truth not what they think you want to hear. If this describes you, them Dr. Bennett is your best choice as your concierge provider. 

Some clients require full time intense interventions. We prefer to take those clients to an offshore private site where we can provide counseling, food, rest, exercise, reflection and planning.  


Fees are individualized and discussed during initial consultation depending on client needs.