Meet Dr Cecil Bennett MD

Dr. Bennett has been a prominent primary care physician in Atlanta for 20 years. His accomplishments in medicine have been quite impressive. Just visit his website to review his CV and achievements. He has traveled to over 20 counties as a medical education consultant. Those experience over the last two decades served to broaden his global knowledge of patient care. His medical knowledge is not just limited to the US health delivery guidelines like most physicians.

Over the years he has been a medical consultant for what society would consider to be prominent individuals. Individuals that are in positions of authority or celebrity that are very private and  at times find themselves venerable due to physical or mental health challenges. They needed a physician they could trust. They turned to Dr. Bennett. Why? Dr. Bennett has a way that develops a bond very quickly with clients. They immediately feel relaxed and believe this is someone that understands them.  Most importantly, someone that will keep their medical concerns private. Complete anonymity and no drama.